New Form Digital To Back 10 More Shorts From Online Creators

New Form Digital – the hybrid video-production company whose backers include Discovery, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard – announced a second incubator series today, commissioning short films from 10 online creators. The best of the resulting shorts will become episodic series appearing on a variety of distribution platforms online and off.

New Form’s first incubator last December included 14 filmmakers and led to a deal between the company and Vimeo On Demand to produce two series from  YouTube stars Sawyer Hartman and KickThePJ. The new shorts are scheduled to debut in May, and cover a range of genres from stop-motion animation to sci-fi thrillers.

The creators chosen for the incubator are Ryan Finnerty (10:31, starring YouTuber Lauren Elizabeth and Vine star Allegra Masters); Pereira & O’Dell (The Derams of Emma Bloom); Jack Howard & Dean Dobbs (Ghost Fighting Corporation); Ally Maynard (Occupy Alice); and Benjamin Cook (The Imp of the Perverse).

The group also includes Emily Diana Ruth (Cold); Mark Cope & Carlo Moss (Dr. Havoc’s Diary);  Mike Diva (Grrl Scouts); Lisa Schwartz (Party Girl); and Wong Fu (Single By 30). YouTube star Mitchell Davis will appear in all the shorts and host videos that feature all the shorts. The shorts will also be posted on Mitchell’s own YouTube channel, which has more than 650,000 subscribers.





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