Verve Signs Tomas Vergara, Will Package His Short ‘Isolated’ As Feature

EXCLUSIVE: Off his cutting-edge short film Isolated, writer/director Tomas Vergara has been signed by Verve. Not surprisingly, the agency’s first order of business will be to grow his short into a feature that Vergara will direct. They’ll use the short as the sales tool. Isolated is an intense, immersive, exciting, high-octane, thrill ride about a taxi driver who wakes up in a deserted city — only to find himself pursued by humans. Struggling to piece together what is going on, the driver soon discovers he has more in common with the raging humans, more than what he thinks. With a VFX background, Vergara and his Peak Pictures team opted to make take their narrative down the animation route instead of live-action because they wanted “full-creative control – especially with scenarios, lights, camera and scale.” It’s easy to imagine Isolated as a live-action sequence from a feature film, for a short to achieve this it would need a size-able budget, one the majority of short filmmakers would never have available. Scott Glassgold of I Am Entertainment manages Vergara.

ISOLATED from Peak Pictures on Vimeo.

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