IATSE Protesters Descend On ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Screening At ArcLight

By Erik Pedersen, Anthony D'Alessandro

There was a ruckus outside a press screening of Jupiter Ascending at the ArcLight Hollywood tonight as protesters turned out to support IATSE Local 33 projectionists locked in a wage dispute with ArcLight Cinemas. About 15 people chanted “Do right, ArcLight” during the noisy but peaceful demonstration, which drew police and onlookers but didn’t disrupt the screening of the Wachowskis’ film. It was the latest protest at the theater in the ongoing battle between the union and the exhibitor.

As Deadline’s David Robb reported last month, federal mediators have been called in to help the resolve the dispute, which pits old-time unionism against a conservative, new-age, family-run business in a battle over a handful of jobs that in a few years probably won’t even exist. Nearly nine of 10 U.S. theaters, and 96% of the screens, already have switched to digital projection systems that don’t require a projectionist.

Here’s a flier the union was handing out tonight:


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