Online Video’s Stunning Numbers: 16,000+ Seen At Least 1 Million Times A Month

More than 21,000 online-video creators are generating at least 1 million views a month of their work, and some 16,000 individual videos are grabbing at least that many views each per month, according to Tubular Labs, which bills itself as a “video intelligence service.”

The company said at a conference today that it is tracking 2.3 million creators of 1 billion videos sprinkled across more than 30 online platforms, as well as what’s in those videos. Importantly, Tubular says it’s figuring out some of what makes the best videos work.

Getting more than 1 million views for an online video starts to be of the audience scale of lesser cable networks, though it’s a different kind of viewer and viewing experience than watching traditional TV in traditional ways.

Tubular’s tools, and those staggering numbers, are more examples of the growing sophistication and fragmentation of the online-video universe, as new distribution platforms flower and creators, brands and companies struggle to keep track of it all, while trying to figure out new ways to make money.

Tubular’s tools track not just the granddaddy of online video, YouTube, but also video on Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Twitch, Vimeo and AOL, along with sites such as and

Tubular Labs CEO Rob Gabel said the company is also drawing out lessons from all the data it collects to help target what makes some videos work better than others. The company has about 2,500 clients.

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