‘Inside Edition’ Hires Transgender Reporter Zoey Tur For Month Of February

Inside Edition announced this morning Zoey Tur is joining the program as “special correspondent” for the month of February which, the program claims, makes her the country’s first transgender TV reporter.

Tur formerly known as Chopper Bob, is best known as the helicopter pilot who covered the OJ Simpson police pursuit, and captured the Los Angeles riots from the air after the beating of Reginald Denny. Tur will take the TV program “through her transformation” on Tuesday. Inside Edition says “some” have “questioned whether she has retained her pilot skills after her gender surgery” and, on Wednesday, Tur will take to the air “for the first time to test that assertion.”

Among those “some” count Tur.  Back in 2013, TMZ interviewed Tur who, the web site said, was in the midst of a transgender procedure.”  In that interview, Tur said women cannot make the same decisions as can a man man when piloting an aircraft.

Explaining that “the big changes are with your brain” at that stage of the process, Tur explained to TMZ’s Harvey Levin at the time.  “You start thinking like a woman. Where I was able to make decisions, flying and being in really rough conditions, weather conditions —  I don’t know if I’d be as good a pilot (when the transition is complete).” As a woman “you become a concensus builder, you start being more analytical, not as impulsive as you are then you’re a guy,” Tur said.

Levin seemed uncomfortable with that talk, saying Tur was raising questions about women flying, and “I can’t let that go unspoken.”
“There is a difference; it’s not just strength,” Tur insisted. “The irony has not been lost on me I thought I was a pretty good pilot…It’s different. There is a major difference in the way men and women think. It’s exquisite.”
February is a sweep month.
Inside Edition is produced by Inside Edition Inc. and distributed by CBS Television Distribution. “We are thrilled to have Zoey join Inside Edition as Special Correspondent and ake some TV history, exec producer Charles Lachman said in today’s announcement.

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