Budweiser ‘Lost Dog’ Found Atop Pre-Super Bowl Ad Week Race

Online views of Super Bowl ads and all the related run-up jumped 51 percent over 2014, said iSpot.TV, the ad tracker following all the ads for NBC and others. And the “social actions” surrounding those commercials on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are up even more, 63 percent to 4.6 million likes, shares, comments, etc.

The big change, iSpot.TV says, is heavy use of Facebook’s recently launched native video player. Given the 1.1 billion people on Facebook, it’s little surprise the big boost here, though the extra views appear to be additive, rather than cannibalizing from other sources.

It’s safe to say the week ahead of the game is becoming as important to big companies as running a pricey and potentially viral ad during the game itself.

The biggest winner was Budweiser’s Lost Dog, which was viewed 41.8 million times before the game started. That’s up big from the beer company’s animal ad last year, an increase of 10 million views. Here’s iSpot.TV’s list of the week’s winning ads, ranked by their earned views (those above the base number of followers of their social-media platforms), and showing their total views online as well.

Winning ads by Total Views and Earned Views

Budweiser Lost Dog 41875883 2063694
T-Mobile Kim’s Data Stash 13398936 95365
Bud Light Up for Whatever: Real Life PacMan 13197462 172616
Universal Pictures Minions Super Bowl 2015 Teaser 9385305 492092
Paramount Pictures Terminator Genisys Super Bowl 2015 6894697 267184
Carl’s Jr. Au Naturel 6441471 57755
BMW Newfangled Idea 6160634 31617
Snickers The Brady Bunch 5087552 125618
Budweiser Clydesdale Beer Run 4281833 149494
Joyful Heart Foundation 911 Delivery 4052052 94039
Snickers The Brady Bunch 3740294 50778
Old Spice Nightmare Face 3421038 51010
Pepsi Hyped for Halftime: Cutest Halftime Show Ever! 3324249 56794
Newcastle Brown Ale Aubrey Plaza Prepares You for Band of Brands 3194309 26944
Toyota How Great I Am 2949320 19209
Mercedes-Benz Fable 2628576 22166
Nissan Dude Perfect: Dad Edition 2546698 47830
Toyota Amy Purdy and Her Bold Dad 2373045 35540
Pepsi Hyped for Halftime: Oh Holy Hype 2232810 17199
Victoria’s Secret Angels Play Football 2119532 97495

 Brands by earned views

brand earned_views
Budweiser 46297628
T-Mobile 13776948
Bud Light 13345629
Pepsi 9439496
Universal Pictures 9385305
Snickers 8827846
Paramount Pictures 7212294
Carl’s Jr. 6564371
BMW 6160634
Newcastle Brown Ale 5477756
Toyota 5322365
Nissan 4133150
Joyful Heart Foundation 4052052
Wix.com 3879908
Doritos 3781412
Old Spice 3421038
Victoria’s Secret 3403373
McDonald’s 3280476
Mercedes-Benz 3011606



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