‘Penguins’, ‘Sniper’ Aim Higher In Actuals: International Box Office Update

3RD UPDATE, TUESDAY 4:48 AM PT: We now have actuals from most of the studios for the international weekend. Among the biggest fluctuations reported were Penguins Of Madagascar, which landed $2M higher than projected on Sunday; American Sniper clocking an extra $1M; and Jennifer Lopez’s The Boy Next Door knocking upwards by 11% to $777K in nine markets. Figures for the Super Bowl frame have been updated below on those, along with: The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies, Taken 3, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water, The Theory Of Everything, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Big Hero 6, Into The Woods, Unbroken, Birdman, Exodus: Gods And Kings, Seventh Son, Blackhat, Project Almanac, Wild, Ouija, Let’s Be Cops, Ex Machina, The Water Diviner The Gambler and Boyhood.

Jupiter Ascending descends upon the world next weekend and Mockingjay Part 1 wings into China.

2ND UPDATE, 7:45 PM PT: It was Super Bowl weekend in the U.S. with Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper the big game at the domestic box office. Overseas, where most folks focus on a different kind of football, turnstiles hummed with the strong performances of that film along with holdovers The Hobbit, Taken 3, and Big Hero 6 — as well as new entries SpongeBob: Sponge Out Of Water and Kingsman: The Secret Service. Box office was nevertheless down 26% in the frame versus last week across the Top 10 studio running man chinatitles in the marketplace. And, in a repeat of last year’s Super Bowl party, the biggest movie internationally belonged to China. Running Man, a big-screen adaptation of the local reality TV hit, grossed $35M in its debut. The next biggest grosser overseas was The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies – also nabbing most of its cash in China. The Middle Kingdom played a big role at the box office in the comparable period last year when The Monkey King and Dad, Where Are We Going? debuted to a combined tally of about $84M. Notably, Where Are We Going? was also a big screen transfer of a reality TV show. Last year’s similar frame was bigger compared to this year as it also marked the beginning of Chinese New Year which in 2015 doesn’t hit until February 19.

jupiter ascendingThe coming week sees the kick-off of the Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending. The Warner Bros/Village Roadshow intergalactic actioner from the Matrix team stars Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. It’s opening day-and-date pretty much around the world, save for Down Under and in China and Japan. Jupiter is the only major opener next week, after being moved out of July last year. The Wachowskis’ last major outing, 2012’s Cloud Atlas, fared much better internationally than it did domestically with $104M versus $27M. In the UK, Studiocanal will be counting on Shaun The Sheep to continue its recent hot streak. The Aardman Animation title is the first feature transfer for the beloved BBC character. In expansions, The Imitation Game heads to some key markets including Russia, Mexico and Brazil; The Interview unfolds in the UK and Germany among others; SpongeBob comes ashore in Latin America and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles return to the scene for a last hurrah in Japan. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is getting its China due on February 8.

For market highlights, see below the original posts. Actuals will be updated as they roll in early this week.

1ST UPDATE, 12:15 PM PT: Grosses are now in from all of the studios with Warner Bros’ The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies adding $22.6M in 57 markets, and Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper upping its cume to $68.3M with just 40% of international territories released. Fox’s Taken 3 is now accounted for with $21.3M added, and the studio’s new entry, Kingsman: The Secret Service is reporting a kingly $6.5M UK bow. As for Sony, The Interview landed in three offshore markets while Annie is singing a happy tune in Japan. Figures on those and other films from the studios are updated below. More to come…

HIGHLIGHTS: The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies (WB) approaches $100M in China; The Interview (SONY) opens overseas; The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water (PAR) makes waves with $8M five-territory bow; American Sniper (WB) breaks even more records for Clint Eastwood; Secret Of The Tomb (FOX) crosses $200M; Kingsman: The Secret Service (FOX) spies $7M in two markets; Project Almanac (PAR) earns $1.9M in 10; Big Hero 6 (DIS) strong in UK debut; Theory Of Everything (UNI) crosses $50M…

PREVIOUS, 10:06 AM PT: International grosses are rolling in from the studios with Paramount’s latest SpongeBob Movie and the Michael Bay-produced Project Almanac among the widest new Hollywood entries. In holdovers so far, Disney is continuing its big run with Big Hero 6 — and there is a slight uptick for Universal’s Blackhat. Those grosses and others are below as we wait for Fox, Sony and Warner Bros to report:

Paramount Animation’s The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water made a splash at the international box office with $8M from 935 locations in five territories. Coming 11 years after The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, which cumed about $55M overseas, Sponge Out Of Water’s opening floats 27% above Penguins Of Madagascar, 19% ahead of Smurfs 2, and 20% below How To Train Your Dragon 2 for the same group of territories, according to the studio. Mexico, which was the 5th biggest offshore market for the original film, had a huge $6.7M bow to place No. 1 from 672 locations. Per Par, the result is 47% above Big Hero 6. Monday is a national holiday, suggesting that SpongeBob will continue cleaning up. In the Netherlands, the Paul Tibbitt and Mike Mitchell-helmed mix of animation and live action drew $639K at bow from 121 sites. Belgium was worth $340K from 66 locations and Taiwan delivered $311K from 65. In this take, the Bikini Bottom dweller heads into the world above sea level to find a stolen recipe. The film opens domestically on February 6.

Colin Firth-starrer Kingsman: The Secret Service had a powerful start with $7M in its two launch markets of the UK and Sweden. In the UK, the Fox title opened just behind Big Hero 6 with $6.5M from 950 locations. Sweden launched with $523K from 185 screens. Word of mouth is high and reviews are positive for the Matthew Vaughn-directed pic. Fox says it is expecting long runs in both of the opening markets and in upcoming releases as it rolls out this month.

Paramount Insurge’s $12M-budgeted Project Almanac came in lower than projected domestically with a $7.75M cume. Overseas, it bowed day-and-date in Russia, Spain, New Zealand, and select other territories, representing 20% of the footprint. In those markets, the Michael Bay-produced time-travel adventure opened to $1.8M from 1,270 locations. Russia was No. 2 with $930K at 850 cinemas, on par with the opening result of Chronicle. Spain delivered $236K from 183 locations; Malaysia grossed $164K at 49 sites (No. 3); and New Zealand was No. 6 with $128K at 44 sites. The debut feature from Dean Israelite rolls out beginning in mid-February in the UK, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Germany.

Hitting international markets for the first time, controversial Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy, The Interview, opened in Brazil, France and the Netherlands. In total, it took an estimated $596K on a low 325 screens. Brazil was good for $287K, on par with the opening of This Is The End. France launched on limited release with $214K, also about the same level as that previous hook-up. And, the Netherlands grossed $45K on 34 screens. Next week, the film heads to Belgium, Mexico, Spain, the UK and Germany (where it is not part of the Berlin Film Festival).

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies now has an international cume of $664.4M thanks to a $22.6M weekend off 3.25M admissions on over 9,500 screens in 57 markets. In its 2nd China frame, Five Armies grossed $20.3M from 4,381 screens. The Middle Kingdom has handily become the biggest market for the final installment of the series with a 10-day cume of $92.6M (575.8M yuan). It also marks the 3rd biggest title ever in the market for Warner Bros.

Taken 3 took $21.3M this frame to bring the cume to $164.56M. Several Latin American markets bowed including Mexico with $3.5M, falling in just behind SpongeBob. There, it outperformed the openings of the previous two films in the franchise. Argentina was No. 1 with $1.3M on 188 screens. Peru also had a No. 1 opening and others in Bolivia, Chile and Central America were tops. The 26 non-Fox markets were worth $8.42M, notably from France where Taken 3 earned $4.5M and reached a cume of $15M.

With big openings and holds, Big Hero 6 earned $21M this frame for a $267.6M overseas cume off of 37 territories. It was the top movie in the crowded UK market with $6M in its debut ($6.8M including previews). The bow was 15% lower than Frozen. Other openings included Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In Korea, Baymax had a 2nd weekend drop of just 14%. That perf is notable for overtaking last week’s No. 1 Gangnam Blues. With $12.7M there, Big Hero 6 is now the 3rd biggest Disney Animation/Pixar release of all time. In Germany, the cume is now $7.5M after a 24% drop this session. In Japan, Big Hero 6 was also off just 24% — it’s still the No. 1 movie for the 5th consecutive week and has a cume of $63M.

Sharp-shooter American Sniper is now in 30 offshore markets — 40% of its overseas footprint — with a cume of $68.3M. That’s down to an extra $11.6M this frame from 2,655 screens. Colombia debuted to an estimated gross of $626K on 172 screens, and, in keeping with many other markets, has become Eastwood’s biggest film ever there. In notable holdovers, Australia held at No. 1 with a $9.3M total to date and the UK’s 3rd frame was worth $2.4M on 527 screens for a $14M cume. That pushes it past Gran Torino as Eastwood’s No. 1 movie of all time.

Multiple Oscar nominee The Theory Of Everything has crossed $50M overseas with a total to date of $50.9M. The weekend estimate is $7.1M. In Australia, it bowed at No. 2 with $1.2M at 212 dates. In a very crowded Brazil frame, it scored the best per-screen average, according to Universal, and was No. 6 with $492K at 57 dates. In what was also a very crowded UK session – especially for British-themed titles – it landed at No. 4, adding $1.6M for a 31-day total of $25.2M.

Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb unearthed $6.8M this weekend shooting its cume over $200M to $204.7M. The sole new opening was Italy where it scored the No. 1 spot with $2.68M from 416 screens. In Venezuela, it was No. 1 for the 2nd time in a row – and a 1% jump over its debut frame. The cume there is $2.8M.

Penguins Of Madagascar had one new opening – in Poland ($2.7M) – and overall earned $8.9M this session. The spinoff was No. 1 again in Brazil, making it three in a row. The cume there is $13.3M there. The international cume now stands at $254.7M.

Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken opened on 3,011 screens in China up against some stiff local competition as well as the continued run of The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies. It was No. 4 with $2.2M in the Middle Kingdom, behind Running Man, Hobbit and Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter. In total this frame, the Universal drama added $6.4M in 46 markets for a cume of $36M. In Italy, it was No. 3 with $1.3M and in Mexico it was No. 4 with $660K. Unbroken notably opens in Malaysia and Vietnam next weekend.

Awards season darling Birdman landed in several new markets this frame, hatching $4.64M. Germany was the biggest bow at $769K from 156 screens. Spain had an excellent 4th weekend dropping only 25% with $398K and taking its cume to $3.4M. The international total is currently $26M.

Into The Woods traveled to new screens in Brazil and France as well as Switzerland, the Philippines, Chile, and the Netherlands. The haul was $5.3M, taking the international total to $41.2M. The Rob Marshall musical is playing in 29 territories and next week heads to Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Exodus: Gods And Kings rode into its final market, making $2M from 678 screens in Japan. Including holdovers, the Ridley Scott epic earned a total of $4.48M for a cume of $196.8M.

Sony’s Annie is still rolling out internationally with nine new openings this frame. The musical bowed at No. 1 in Spain with $1.2M on 290 screens, higher than last week’s Into The Woods debut, and was also No. 1 in South Africa with $243K on 91 screens. In total, the gross this weekend was an estimated $4.2M on 2,501 screens from 33 territories. That includes Japan which had a slight 21% drop for a $5M cume. The overseas total is now $32.9M. Upcoming openings include Brazil and France.

Fantasy pic Seventh Son now has a $25.7M cume in China after two weeks. The Legendary pic that Universal is releasing worldwide, heads to North America on February 6. This frame it added $2.5M in total in 45 overseas territories. The international cume is $82M. In something of a rarity for a U.S. film, Seventh Son opened to No. 1 in India with $281K.

Blackhat fared better in its 3rd weekend with $1.8M, thanks to decent openings in Russia — $595K at a relatively low 685 dates – and Spain with $446 at 269. The offshore total for the $60M-budgeted pic is now $6.67M. In an ironic twist, the hacking pic tips its cap in Germany next week just as The Interview bows there.

Reese Witherspoon’s Wild trekked to $1.6M across 16 territories in the frame. The total for Fox is now $8.2M after three weeks.

Ouija is nearing $50M overseas with an added $1.6M and a total of $46.7M to date. The Universal release is gliding into more markets through April 29.

Let’s Be Cops collared another $1.1M for a $54.5M cume. The final market to release will be Venezuela on March 20.

Sony’s Fury added an estimated $1M on 1,119 screens from 16 Sony Pictures Releasing International territories this weekend, bringing the cume to $79.3M. Spain dropped 36% from its debut last weekend, earning $385K and bringing the total on the Brad Pitt WWII pic to $4.6M. Brazil opens next week.

Jennifer Lopez-starrer The Boy Next Door swung open in three more markets this frame, taking $777K. The Philippines was a No. 2 bow with $341K at 94 dates. In nine territories, the total is $1.56M.

Ex Machina picked up $664K at 418 dates in its 2nd frame in two markets. The overseas total is now $3.6M. Universal rolls the AI film out over the next few months.

Paramount’s The Gambler grossed $446K from 6 markets for a cume of $4.1M ahead of next week’s Oz release.

After winning the Australian Academy Award as Best Film (in a tie with The Babadook), Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner added $252K at 196 dates in Oz and New Zealand for a 39-day total of $12.7M.

Boyhood grew its takings by $201K in 21 territories for a total of $22.65M. Next openings on the awards season pic are Malaysia on February 5 and Bulgaria and Romania on February 6.

Market Highlights
Running Man was the top movie in China this weekend — and the top movie at the international box office — with $35M. The feature spinoff of a popular reality TV show, it revolves around celebrity teams who compete against one another in the jungle. The cast includes stars of some of China’s biggest recent hits with Lost In Thailand’s Wang Baoqiang, Aftershock’s Li Chen, So Young’s Zheng Kai and Love On The Cloud’s Angelababy. The TV-to-film transfer strategy is working well in the Middle Kingdom with last year’s similar Dad, Where Are We Going? having opened big on the same weekend and closing its run at about $112M. China Lion released Running Man day-and-date in North America this weekend to $205K. Behind Running Man was The Hobbit finale, followed by Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter with $14.5M. The first film in that franchise set records last year for a domestic animated feature and grossed $16.7M in its opening three days. The next big Hollywood opener will be The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 on February 8. For the first week in quite a while, there was no Korean film in the Top 20 globally.

In a crowded weekend in Britain, which boasted several UK-centric titles, there was a top-spot face-off between Disney’s Big Hero 6 and Fox’s Kingsman: The Secret Service. The animated feel-good pic edged out the well-reviewed Colin Firth spy flick with a $6M frame boosted to $6.8M including previews. Kingsman was in at $6.5M including previews. Also opening this frame were Stephen Daldry’s Trash – which is predominantly in Portuguese and nominated for a BAFTA next weekend — and Ewan McGregor-starrer Son Of A Gun. Numbers for those should be in tomorrow. Meanwhile, the little Peruvian bear with a penchant for marmalade sandwiches has now clawed his way to a $53.3M cume in the UK — slightly above the domestic $49.9M after three weeks there. Nominated at the BAFTAs next Sunday, Paddington added $655K this frame via Studiocanal. Also BAFTA-bound from Studiocanal, The Imitation Game played to a $138K UK weekend and now has a local cume of $24.1M. Internationally, it picked up $5.5M for a $65M total.

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