Johnny Knoxville Brings ‘Being Evel’ To Sundance

Not known for subtlety, Jackass impresario Johnny Knoxville is here in Park City to debut Being Evel, the documentary he produced about the self-made American legend Evel Knievel.

Not one known for making a subtle entrance, Johnny¬†and the Knievel clan are making sure the picture doesn’t get caught in the clutter of documentaries at the Sundance Film Festival. They’ve been parading a scale model of the rocket ship that Knievel used to propel himself across the Snake River, the jump that nearly killed the daredevil. The Knievel family had it made, and it’s right now sitting in front of The Marc where the film is about to make its debut.

Johnny and I sat down and he spoke in detail about his hero. I’ll put that interview up as fast as I can process it, but the movie is rich in its detail on the story of an outlaw who became an American icon as famous in his time as Muhammad Ali.

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