Craig Zobel On How He Landed Ejiofor, Pine & Robbie For Sundance Pic ‘Z For Zachariah’

Craig Zobel is back at Sundance for a third time after 2007’s Great World Of Sound and 2012’s Compliance. This time he’s got a little film with three big stars: Z For Zachariah features Chiwetel Ejiofor, Chris Pine and Margot Robbie as the last known survivors of a global calamity. The pic was picked up ahead of the fest by Roadside Attractions, and Zobel tells me: “There’s a lot of anxiety when you bring a movie here. You hope that it’ll find both an audience and an audience with the distributors, and not having that pressure is really great.” We’ll have more DeadlineNow@Sundance2015 interviews throughout the festival, so stay tuned.

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