‘Mortdecai’ Review: Pete Hammond Says Comedy Has Depp But Lacks Depth – Video

As I say in my video review above of Lionsgate’s period comedy Mortdecai, which opens in wide release today, the actors aren’t to blame for this send-up of UK author Kyril Bonfiglioli’s 1970s books about a misadventurous British art dealer and general rapscallion. Johnny Depp fans will appreciate his comic chops playing his latest quirky leading man, and Gwyneth Paltrow as his wife, Paul Bettany and Ewan McGregor are also good. But the whole thing feelsĀ like it could have been spiced up by Austin Powers himself Mike Myers, who really knows how to nail these quirky period comedies. Peter Sellers or PG Woodehouse it is not.

David Koepp directs a script from Eric Aronson, and Lionsgate is rolling out the R-rated comedy inĀ about 2600 theaters up against box office juggernaut American Sniper as well as fellow newcomer Boy Next Door.

Tell us what you think: Is Depp enough to send you to the theaters?

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