Studio Lambert Prepping Real-Time Crime Investigation Series ‘True Conviction’

Undercover Boss poducer Studio Lambert/All3Media has teamed with former detective James Trainum, who served as a Studio Lambertconsultant on the popular Serial podcast, for the real-time crime-investigation series True Conviction. Like Serial, True Conviction will focus on a single homicide during the course of an entire season. The case will feature a suspect who was convicted of murder but for which doubt still remains as to actual guilt. Episodes will air in near real-time as the investigation unfolds. The producers have identified several cases for the potential series, which will be shopped next week at Realscreen in Washington, D.C.

Trainum3272_3Near real-time turnaround has become a signature of Studio Lambert as of late, with series such as The People’s Couch on Bravo and True Tori on Lifetime, whose first-season premiere aired just three weeks after filming had begun. Producers expect the real-time nature of the show to allow individuals connected to the original case to help with the investigation as the series airs, with their contributions featured in later episodes.

“You can’t have higher stakes than trying to prove that a convict serving a life sentence is really innocent,” said Greg Goldman, President of Studio Lambert. “Previously, everybody thought that you couldn’t sustain an audience’s engagement over an entire season with just one case. The podcast Serial proved that notion wrong; people crave the gritty details that you can only explore with an arced series.”

Stephen Lambert, Eli Holzman and Goldman are executive producing.  Deran Atamian is producing.

Trainum, now a private consultant, is a former detective with 27 years of law enforcement experience with the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan police and a nationally recognized expert on wrongful convictions.

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