Christian Slater Prominent On ‘Archer’ This Season As Show Sheds ISIS Acronym – TCA

Aisha Tyler’s Agent Lana Kane character will get laid this season on Archer “and it’s very graphic,” exec producer Matt Thompson announced/promised this morning at Winter TV Press Tour 2015. “I don’t know what happened to the Decency Police!”

Another sex scene earlier in the show’s run had caused the network’s Decency Police to respond with, “You can’t have that many thrusts,” Thompson explained. This season, the creators decided to turn in an episode “at its worst,” so there would be elements to remove at the DP’s will, but, “they said nothing!” Thompson’s response: “Holy Cow!”

While Thompson opened the Q&A giving a nod to the series cast, he wrapped things up with a list of this season’s guest actors. Christian Slater,“I consider him now basically part of the main cast.”

“We had to get rid of ISIS,” Thompson said of the creators decision to drop the ISIS acronym for the show’s fictional covert agency International Secret Intelligence Service. The change was acknowledged during the premiere this month; the ISIS name won’t be removed from episodes of the first five years.

“We had to get rid of it,” Thompson said, “and it was a natural progression to go from working for our spy agency, to being contractors for the CIA. What that means is Christian Slater will be around a lot of the time, giving us our missions and rankling Malory (Jessica Walter) quite a bit because he’s now seemingly in charge of her. Christian has been absolutely great. He’s a giant fan of the show. I am constantly surprised by his… level of knowledge of the show and how great he is at it.”

The Americans star Matthew Rhys is also on board, after regaling Thompson  – and the rest of the bus of Fox guests bound for the Super Bowl stadium –  with a story about a Welsh separatist movement in the ’70s. Thompson’s team turned it into an episode, which also will poke fun at Rhys’ role on the FX period spy drama, and will include an end credit noting it was inspired by “a rousing tale” from Rhys.

CCH Pounder and Keith David will play Lana’s parents – both left-leaning academics, Thompson noted, in other guest-casting news.

Last May, Archer landed an elusive basic cable-to-basic cable syndication deal when Comedy Central  signed with Twentieth Television for the off-network rights to the series, which has been basic cable’s second-highest-rated comedy among adults 18-49.

The deal covers all existing seasons and includes commitments for future seasons of the spy ‘toon, which will begin airing on Comedy Central beginning as soon as May. For the first two years, Comedy Central will have an exclusive window pre-midnight, while FXX has exclusivity post-midnight.

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