Cho’s North Korean Bit: “I’m The Only Person Who Can Make Jokes About It” – Video

Margaret Cho’s hysterical impression of a North Korean militant who doubles as a Hollywood Foreign Press member is still being chatted about close to a week after the Golden Globes. The impression drew some criticism, to which Cho defended her comedy on Twitter.  On tonight’s episode of TLC’s new talk series All About Sex, she continued to expound.  One of the show’s co-hosts asked Cho, “Does it make it OK” that she’s Korean, making fun of a North Korean? “It does make it OK, I’m the only person who can makes jokes about it and not be placed in a labor camp, I’m pretty lucky,” quipped the stand-up.  Apparently, she took the North Korean uniform home and, um, made whoopee in it. Check out the clip. The episode airs tonight at 11PM and Cho is co-hosting the series.

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