‘Odyssey’ Is “Not A Cop Show”, “Not A Spy Show”, EP Says – TCA

Peter Horton, Kay Foster and Adam Armus, executive producers of NBC’s new drama series Odyssey, want to make sure audiences know the difference between this show and Mission Impossible, Homeland, 24 and other dramas that have tread on similar dangerous turf.

2015 Winter TCA Tour - Day 10At today’s TCA, the EPs joined actors Peter Facinelli, Anna Friel and Jake Robinson to plead the case for the series, which follows a female soldier, a lawyer and a political activist after an international conspiracy explodes.

“It’s not a cop show, it’s not an FBI show, it’s not a spy show,” Horton said. “It’s about three ordinary people doing extraordinary things stumbling upon a sort of Halliburton gone wild corporation.”

Joking that he spends most of his TV time watching the Disney Channel with his young children, Horton said he enjoys Homeland and other such dramas that he has seen, but added: “I think you will feel this as you watch this series, it’s a marked difference, Our battle is between all of us and the powers that be. The fuel of this show is tension. Its not action, it’s tension. We have that in common, but the basic theme is so different.”

Odyssey - Season 1Armus added that in this series no secrets will be kept from the viewers as they watch the characters struggle to figure things out “We know the bomb is under the table,” he said.

The biggest challenge for actors and directors is that the show shoots in blocks in both New York and Marrakesh, shooting out of sequence to accommodate directors as they must fly back and forth. “We are shooting three episodes at once,” said Armus. Scripts were written in advance of production to accommodate the production challenges.

Jokes flew about handling the directing process by Skype, which the producers thought was a good idea. Speaking of Skype, Horton said that the series will often use a “second screen” approach with Friel’s character Skyping with her daughter. “We are really going to integrate that in a way you haven’t seen before,” Horton said.

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