USA’s ‘Complications’ EP On How “Worst Idea In The World” Led To A Series – Video

At today’s TCA panel on his new USA series Complications, executive producer Matt Nix said the show grew out of an incredibly stupid thing he did about a decade ago while living in a dicey neighborhood in pre-gentrification Echo Park.
The drama series centers on John Ellison (Jason O’Mara), a disillusioned suburban ER doctor who finds his existence transformed when he intervenes in a drive-by shooting, saving a young boy’s life and killing one of his attackers. (Watch the trailer above.)
Nix, appearing on the panel with starts O’Mara and Jessica Szohr, told his own story of impulsive intervention: A gang member broke into his house. Nix thought he might be a gardener and confronted him. He was not. The man left the house, and “for reasons I still can’t quite explain, I decided it was a good idea” to follow him. The cops came and pointed out: “That was the worst idea in the world. You could totally have been killed.”
Nix said he made peace, sort of, with the gang member later in court, joking about the break-in: “It’s OK, man. It happens.” But this got the producer thinking about where the impulse comes form to jump into a dangerous situation without considering the consequences.
 Nix and the actors described the series as complicated and unpredictable but added that it will mine the humor in dark circumstances. Joked O’Mara: “I promise at least three laugh-out-loud moments in each show. And if you are easily amused, it could go to six. “

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