Shoshana Bush Toplines Lauren Iungerich ABC Family Comedy Pilot ‘Tough Cookie’

Awkward creator Lauren Iungerich has tapped Shoshana Bush for the lead in her ABC Family comedy pilot Tough Cookie. Iungerich previously cast Bush in her MTV pilot Hot Mess, and the actress also made a guest appearance on Awkward.

Tough Cookie centers on Lilla Spencer (Bush), a strong-willed, successful publicist who got pregnant at a young age by a man she loved who dumped her, and she gave her baby girl up for adoption so she wouldn’t have to be reminded of him ever again. Now, she learns that her daughter, Eleanor, is slated for another round of foster care unless Lilla gives her a chance in a three-day trial that neither of them is looking forward to. Definitely not mother material, Lilla is shocked to see so much of herself in the outspoken, confident, take-no-prisoners Eleanor, and to her surprise, she doesn’t want Eleanor to go.

Iungerich wrote and will direct the pilot, which she is executive producing with David Janollari.

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