Stiller’s ‘Big Time In Hollywood, FL.’: Auds Might Say, “What The Hell Is This?” – TCA

By Diane Haithman, Anthony D'Alessandro

It was old home week for Ben Stiller at TCA today —with the emphasis on “old.” On today’s Comedy Central panel for its new comedy series Big Time in Hollywood, FL, on which Stiller serves as executive producer with two much-younger men, EP/writers and Alex Anfanger and Dan Schimpf.

Along with writing and producing, Anfanger stars alongside Lenny Jacobson as two self proclaimed filmmakers trying to succeed.

Stiller confessed that his last TCA appearance was some 20 years ago for The Ben Stiller Show (the sketch comedy show existed in two separate incarnations from 1991 to 1993). He said the new show feels like the same type of energy recurring for another time period.

“I was impressed with these young people who have these incredibly specific and unique voices (and) self-realized work,” Stiller said. “20 years ago, you couldn’t just go out and upload it and do it. Now, you have no excuse.” He said he’s delighted that audiences might react to the innovative show with: “What the hell is this?”

Stiller appeared on the panel with Anfanger, Jacobson, who portray two self-proclaimed filmmakers, and cast members Cuba Gooding Jr., Jacobson, Michael Madsen, Jon Bass and Kathy Baker.

Baker took note of the young writer-producers skill in writing about a middle-aged marriage: “They are the same age as my sons,” she marveled.

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