Golden Globes Prediction: Soggy Red Carpet As Rain Hits Hollywood

In some cultures, rain is actually a sign of good luck, particularly on wedding days. Hopefully the same thing can be said for the nominees at awards ceremonies as there’s a chance that rain will continue to pelt Los Angeles during the Golden Globes ceremony tomorrow (perhaps to wash away any pre-jinx blues that the nominees might have today after yesterday’s news that the Globe winners might have been leaked).  Scattered rain started coming in from the coast today according to weather reports, however, a second influx from the south tonight could keep the red carpet at the Beverly Hilton mushy. Festivities begin tomorrow at 3 pm PT, with the ceremony to follow at 5pm. Forecasts see between 1/10 and ½ inch of rain pouring down on the southland – and frankly, it’s most welcome as the L.A. area, and most of California, have been battling a drought over the last year.

The last time the Golden Globes were rained upon was January 2010 with such gown-clad actresses like Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson posing elegantly for photos with umbrellas. Water also walked, err leaked, the red carpet at last year’s Globes when a lighting rig set off a fire sprinkler that sprayed water on various cameras. The spill was attended to after approximately 15 minutes, with the Beverly Hills Fire Department using air blowers and wet vacuums to clean up the mess.

You could almost say that rain, just like the sweltering heat at Emmy time, is a fixture of the winter kudo season, particularly after last Oscar’s downpour.

Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres said it best during her opening monologue, “For those of you watching around the world, it’s been a tough couple of days for us here – it has been raining. We’re fine. Thank you for your prayers.”

Below is the Instagram photo of this year’s Globes red carpet at the Beverly Hilton, currently covered in a tarp.  A tent will be sheltering the red carpet in case it rains, so that no spray tans get runny.

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