‘Outlander’ Trailer: Sneak Peek At Second Half Of Starz Drama’s First Season – TCA

At the TCA Winter Press Tour today, Starz unveiled its first trailer for the second half of Outlander‘s freshman season. The time-jumping romance based on Diana Gabaldon’s popular books stars Caitriona Balfe as 20th century nurse Claire Randall who is thrust back in time and forced to marry Jamie Fraiser (Sam Heughan), an 18th century Scotsman.

At Friday’s panel, it was revealed that the second season doesn’t pick up directly from the cliffhanger in episode eight. Events are told from Jamie’s point of view. Said Heughan, “Jamie has to deal with the relationships he has with his late father and his sister. We see his pride, his stubborn side. He’s a less idealistic man.” How has landing the role as modern literature’s most dashing romantic couple impacted Balfe and Heughan? “It’s aged us terribly, the stamina of this job,” joked the latter.

Balfe added, “Getting through this series is an amazing undertaking, putting so much time in the show. Everyday, I show up to play this strong, resilient character. It showed me just how much strength and resilience I have.  Clarie brought out my inner strength.”

Also appearing today was Outlander author Diana Gabaldon, who continued to endorse Ronald Moore’s adaptation of her book series. At Comic-Con last July, Gabaldon exclaimed ““People have been trying to make a feature film of (my novel) Outlander for the last 20 years. I said to Ron Moore that I have seen scripts that made me turn white and burst into flames.” The author said that she’s impressed by the number of men who are now reading the book because of the TV show.  “They’re not the types to join book clubs,” said Gabaldon. 38% of Outlander‘s viewers are men over 18, while women rep 59% over 18.

Moore has been happy with his creative process, delivering the first Outlander book across 16 episodes in the first season. Expounding on his process, the executive producer said “We start with the book in its order of events in the writers’ room. We then carve it up in discreet hours asking if certain sections are an hour of TV, what the arc is, where the characters are going. We don’t make changes unless we have to. Going forward, we’ll keep the continuity of the book’s mythology.”

Outlander returns April 4 on Starz.  The series has averaged more than 5.1 million multiplatform viewers per episode.



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