‘MythBusters’ Hosts Talk Departing Build Team Trio – TCA

MythBusters hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman were asked today at their TCA panel to comment on the departure of their beloved build team – Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, and Tory Belleci – who were cut from the show last August as ratings were softening.

“We were sad to see them go,” said Savage, “I mean we love Kari, Grant and Tory.”

The sacrifice of the trio was part of keeping the show fresh and an investment in such equipment. “We got rid of the Go Pro cameras in favor of Black Magic cameras,” said Savage. With the show entering its third season, Savage confessed that after 12 seasons on the air, “We ran out of urban legends (to test) in season 3.”

The duo regaled their fave moments on the Discovery series.  Hyneman said the one myth they tested that was shockingly true was that elephants are afraid of mice. Savage said, “We were in South Africa and a storm kept us off the water where we were filming great white sharks.  So we said, ‘Let’s go on land and shoot elephants and see if they’re afraid of mice.’ Sure enough, when an elephant is confronted with a mouse on its path, they tip toe around them just like in the cartoons.”

Hyneman explained how MythBusters originally got off the ground. The twosome were working in special effects, and conceived a show about urban legends — where the hosts wouldn’t talk about them, rather replicate them. They put together a demo tape for Discovery and three weeks later were in production with a crew. “We actually became who we are on the show,” said Hyneman, “We started getting methodical about our work: Basically, science isn’t guys in lab coats, but anyone who wants to understand the world.” He later revealed during the session that his love of “discovering things” came about as a child, when he sidestepped his chores on the family farm. “I would drive equipment into a tree until it was broken — that was effective to getting me out of my chores.”

Added Savage, “The only difference between us and 14-year old pyromaniacs is that we call the police and the fire department first to get their help.”



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