Le Monde, France Télévisions/Radio Pledge To Keep Charlie Hebdo Alive

While France reels from Wednesday’s deadly attack on the Paris headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, and the country emerges from a minute of silence that’s just passed, there’s a strong sense of solidarity at home and abroad. Many thousands of people assembled last night in town squares throughout the country and as far away as San Francisco. Here in France, major local media groups have now stepped forward to offer their support to the satirical magazine which lost several of its key staff yesterday, and it was just announced that Charlie will come out next Wednesday.

France Télévisions, the holding group of the country’s national broadcasters, along with the state-run Radio France and leading broadsheet Le Monde said last night they would provide Charlie Hebdo and its various teams with all of the “human and material resources necessary” to keep it going. Titled “So That Charlie Lives,” the pledge was signed by the chiefs of each group. They invited all French media to join them “to preserve the principles of independence and of freedom of thought and expression which guarantee our democracy.”

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