Anderson Cooper Makes New Year’s Resolution To Talk About Piers Morgan – Video

Anderson Cooper finally got his chance to respond on air, to the sniping of former CNN colleague Piers Morgan, compliments of Kathy Griffin, during CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage from Times Square. Griffin set things up nicely when she told of how Morgan’s hand photobombed a photo of her with Sidney Poitier. “Piers who?” snarked Cooper.

“You’re gonna get some tweets – mostly from Piers,” Griffin giggled.

Morgan’s “dying for a Twitter war,” Cooper responded, of Morgan, who left the network in September, though CNN had announced it would end his interview show back in March.

Reasonable assumption, given that, back in October, Morgan seemed to be baiting Cooper, spending a week nicking his former CNN colleague, in interviews. “Could I have done with a better lead-in? Yes,” Morgan  told Politico, adding, “Anderson is a great field reporter – but does he drive big ratings at CNN, outside of a big news cycle? I don’t see any evidence of it.” He also told Access Hollywood Cooper is “not really what CNN needs.” Morgan also said the network should have replaced Cooper with Megyn Kelly.

“Listen, I hope he gets a job, one day. I hope he finds gainful employment someday,” Cooper told Griffin tonight of Morgan, who is now a columnist with the MailOnline. That said, Cooper also told Griffin, “I don’t think anyone really cares about what he has to say.”

Wrapping up, Cooper also noted to Griffin from Times Square, “This is the most airtime that guy has gotten in a year.”

And then this happened:

Speaking of Twitter war, Carson Daly’s usually-bland New Year’s Eve show actually ginned up controversy tonight when he donned an NYPD cap:

NYPD has launched a work slowdown to protest Mayor Bill de Blasio’s response to the protests that erupted in the city when a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer who appeared to place unarmed African-American Eric Garner in a chokehold; Garner died after telling officers repeatedly that he could not breathe. On December 20, two police officers were gunned down in the city.


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