Dominic Patten’s Top 10 New TV Shows of 2014 (Pt. 2)

In the video clip above, I wrap up my list of 2014’s best new TV shows. Once again, I have to admit I cheated a bit, with another tie at No. 5 that makes this really a top six (and my overall list a top 12). But given the remarkable plethora of great TV this year, I doubt anyone will hold it against me, particularly as they settle in for some binge-watching catch-ups over the long holiday weekend.

This group includes a transformational series from Amazon, a major network’s minor miracle based on a telenovela, and four other shows in between that are so much more than just all right.

Give my list a look (watch my Part One here) and let us know what your favorite new shows of 2014 are. And happy watching in 2015. This video also includes a few tips on upcoming shows you’ll want to watch in the new year.

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