Dominic Patten’s Top 10 New TV Shows Of 2014 (Part One)

In an era when options for watching (and producing and distributing) great TV came from seemingly everywhere, I had lots to choose from in pulling together my year-end choices for the top 10 best new shows for 2014.

In the video above, I talk about the bottom half of that top 10. I have to confess that, with all the great choices out there, I did cheat a bit in how many made the bottom “half.” We have a tie at No. 6 with two vibrant period pieces that, as I say, leave Downton Abbey in the shade. But with this much good TV, I’m not going to complain, and I suspect you won’t have much to grouse about for viewing options either.

We’ll have the second half of my picks in a couple of days.

Give my picks a watch. What do you think?  Let us know what your choices are for 2014’s favorite new shows.

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