John Malkovich And Team Face ‘Exo Zombies’ In ‘CoD’ Add-On – Trailer

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan and Jon Bernthal provide the voices for Exo Zombies, what game publisher Activision calls a “survival co-op experience” within its blockbuster Call of Duty Advanced Warfare game, which debuted last month and is the year’s biggest seller. The Exo Zombies will be part of the first batch of the game’s downloadable additional content, to arrive next month. The game already featured Kevin Spacey as the voice of the Atlas CEO in the main game.

Exo Zombies, as the video trailer above suggests, tells the story of four workers for shadowy military contractor Atlas who have to find their way through a horde of zombies with the overpowering exoskeletons that Atlas has developed for its troops. Activision promises more material on the cast and the content in January.

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