Mayor De Blasio Blasts Media For Coverage Of Police Protests In New York

Mayor Bill de Blasio let the media have it today, in re its coverage of police protests in New York, blaming them for focusing on what he described as a small number of protesters who have been shown hurling insults at the police and/or calling for violence: “They, my friend, are not the majority. Stop portraying them as the majority,” he told a reporter at his afternoon news conference with NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, after the reporter asked a question about just such a group who’d been chanting “KKK” at a protest.

“Now the question is, what are you guys going to do? Are you going to keep dividing us?” de Blasio asked the media. “I’m not talking about every single one of you, but let’s get real. … Twenty five thousand people marched down one of our streets a few days back. Absolutely peaceful. … What you manage to do is pull up the few who do not represent the majority, who are saying unacceptable things, who should’t be saying those things … and some who actually physically attack police officers.”



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