Sony Hack: ‘Interview’ Social Media Pulled; Billboards Coming Down In LA

Looks like Sony is taking no chances with The Interview in theaters, online or on the streets. With TV ads for the now axed film already canceled, billboards and bus side ads for The Interview have started to come down all over Los Angeles. With dozens of them across the city, a few billboards were still up as of Friday night and Saturday morning.

Also, as of late last night, the official website for The Interview was taken down, re-directing to the landing page for Sony’s new opener this weekend, Annie.  In addition all social media pages for the film including Facebook and Twitter account (@TheInterview) were removed.

This is, of course, more fallout from the massive hack of Sony on November 24 and cyber-terrorists threatening the studio that all Interview related material must be removed from the web immediately unless they wanted more of the digital nightmare to start up again. A YouTube search shows that the trailer is still running on The Movie Clips trailer channel. The Interview Facebook page had more than 366,000 followers while the Twitter account counted some 35,000 followers.

The Interview was finally pulled from its Christmas Day release by Sony on December 17 because of hacker threats, that the FBI says were generated by North Korea, to inflict harm on those theaters playing the James Franco and Seth Rogen satire depicting the assassination of the leader of the isolated country. In an interview Friday with CNN, Sony CEO Michael Lynton said the studio “would still like the public to see this movie”, but no major alternative distributors have yet agreed to release it, as George Clooney and others have urged.


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