Stephen Colbert Sells Michael Stipe And Other Props As ‘The Colbert Report’ Comes To A Close – Video

Stephen Colbert  and Comedy Central last night began winding down The Colbert Report in a big way. Colbert sold off his 9-year accumulation of “meaningful keepsakes” in a yard sale — including his shelf decoration Michael Stipes, who wound up going for 25 cents. Colbert raised $312,470 for two charities, raffling off his set’s “iconic desk and legendary fireplace”; the rest of the set is being sold as industrial meat filler to a national fast-food chain, Colbert explained. Last night Colbert urged viewers to pony up $10 to for a chance to win one of the props before the 4 AM ET today cut-off time, assuring viewers, “You will not regret it — just like you don’t regret any other decision you have made at 4 AM.”

Colbert/Comedy Central also commissioned French street artist JR to paint a mural of the host’s eye on the roof of the building that house’s the show’s studio — so “there will always be a little something special here on the top of my studio to catch your eye – specifically, my eye.” Colbert said it was his way of leaving the nation his watchful gaze that protected them for so long against threats they could not see. “I also wanted to freak out people stuck in a holding pattern over LaGuardia,” he confided.

Comedy Central also has launched a virtual tour of the set, and is running a The Colbert Report repeat marathon today, walking up to tonight’s finale, when Grimmy will be the show’s final guest.

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