Sony Has “No Further Release Plans” For ‘The Interview’ On VOD Or Elsewhere

The Interview is over – really and truly. Despite reports floating around other outlets, Sony Pictures will not be putting the now-shuttered pic out on VOD, DVD or any other platform, at least not any time soon. “Sony Pictures has no further release plans for the film,” a studio spokesperson told me today.

The hacked-apart Sony pulled the James Franco and Seth Rogen film from its December 25 debut date earlier today. That not-unexpected move came after Regal, AMC and other big movie chains announced earlier Wednesday that they wouldn’t show it after hackers threatened potential moviegoers Tuesday with remarks like “remember the 11th of September 2001.”

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With Sony telling exhibitors on December 16 that it was up to them if they wanted to actually show the film and NATO backing its membership to “delay” showing The Interview to ensure “a safe holiday movie season,” this controversial comedy about an assassination of the leader of North Korea has now truly gone dark from the devastating cyberattack.

Earlier in the day, the FBI issued a warning to movie theaters and all businesses associated with the movie that they could be the victims of cyber attacks.


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