Stephen Colbert Takes One Last Comedy Central Shot At Bill O’Reilly – Video

In a callback to the launch of The Colbert Report nine years ago, Stephen Colbert kicked off the final week of the late-night show with a Formidable Opponent debate with himself — and on the same subject as the two Colbert’s had debated during the show’s opening week: U.S. torture of detainees.

“Folks these are troubling questions, and in troubled times, Bill O’Reilly reminds us to shut up and let him talk,” faux conservative newsman Colbert began. In a Fox News Channel clip, O’Reilly is seen talking about the new torture report, acknowledging mistakes this country made in the “fog of war,”  adding that he wrote a book on World War II called Killing Patton, “so I know what I’m talking about.”

“Oh, I am going to miss that good man,” Faux Newsman Colbert said.

“Stephen, He’s not going off the air – you are,” Formidable Opponent Colbert responded.

“Yeah, but no one’s going to pay me to watch him any more so **** that noise.”


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