CIA Torture Report Becomes ‘SNL’ Comedy Fodder

The cold open on last night’s Martin Freeman-hosted SNL featured a Charlie Rose interview bit with James E. Mitchell and Bruce Jessen. The New York Times says they’re the psychologists whose company was paid $82 million to design the CIA’s extra-legal, not to mention discredited, program of brutal torture that included waterboarding and the Salt Pit.

“Charlie” introduced the segment by describing the report as “like a menu from the Cheesecake Factory — 600 pages of sickening details and yet I couldn’t put it down”

“Mitchell” and “Jessen” gleefully took credit for such torturous non-military creations as Time Warner Cable (“We do all their customer service”), Kars For Kids, and airport security (“That thing where you  have to take your laptop out of your bag for security? How did people fall for that one?).

The bit may have been a classic piece of I’m-responsible-for-all-the-things-that-annoy-us-these-days comedy, but using the CIA report on rampant torture as the launchpad was either envelope-busting black comedy or the ultimate in poor taste. Tell us what you think. Did it work?

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