‘Constantine’ Ratings Jump Up, ‘Cristela’, ‘Shark Tank’ & ‘Hawaii Five-O’ Down

On a relatively quiet primetime, Friday remarkably saw no holiday specials and a number of declines and dips for regular scheduled programming. The exception to that trend was NBC’s fantasy dramas. With a lead-in of Dateline (1.3/5), which was even with its last original, Grimm (1.3/4) had an 8% rise. That result is the best the fantasy procedural has done since its Season 4 premiere on October 24. The real surge, in relative terms, was for 10 PM’s Constantine (1.0/3).

While once again last in its time slot and the lowest rated drama of the night, the freshman DC Comics-based demon hunting detective was up 25% among adults 18-49 from last week’s low. That’s the best Constantine has done since November 21. Though the show has had a roller coaster ride since its October 24, we won’t know if last night uptick has much traction overall – or at least not for a while. Last night’s “Saints Of Last Resorts” episode was the last Constantine broadcast of 2014. The series with a still uncertain future is set to return early next year to see the remaining 5-episodes of its 13-episode freshman cycle run.

Though the network was the most watched of the night with there were no upticks for CBS’ show on Friday among the key demo. After a double-digit rise form the week before last week, The Amazing Race (1.1/4) slipped 8% from its December 5 show. The waves were harsher for Hawaii Five-O (1.1/4) at 9 PM with the show stumbling 21% from its last Season 5 original on November 21. Steady to a degree with its last new show of three week ago, Blue Bloods (1.2/4) dipped 8% from that broadcast. Viewershipwise, the Tom Selleck-lead NYPD ensemble was the top dog of the night was usual with 11.11 million viewers on Friday – that’s a decline of 510,000 from its November 21 viewership BTW. Overall CBS had just fewer than 8.6 million viewers on Friday

While ABC won the night among the 18-49s with a 1.3/5 and Shark Tank (1.5/5) was the highest rated show of Friday’s primetime, it was not great for the network’s comedies. Last Man Standing (1.1/4) saw a mere 8% dip but, with a 1-minute overrun of LMS, newbie Cristela (0.8/3) had a drop for the second week in a row to hit what will likely be confirmed as a low when the final numbers come in. And the fall was harder this time round. Unlike the week before, Cristela was now down double digits last night with an 11% drop – not a good consecutive sign. With that as a lead-in, the entrepreneurial reality show got shaken with a 17% decline from last week to what is a season low in preliminary numbers. Having said that, Shark Tank often sees rises of a tenth or so in final nationals so no reason not expect an adjustment this week. ABC closed the night with a 20/20 (1.4/5), that had a minute of ST overrun, that was even with last week.

The CW and Fox were all encores.

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