Christopher Walken On Playing Captain Hook In ‘Peter Pan Live!’: “It’s Intimidating”

[Video] Allison Williams, Christopher Walken Talk About 'Peter Pan Live!'

NBC has a making-of featurette for its upcoming December 4 musical Peter Pan Live! and for any Christopher Walken fan out there who gets giddy whenever the serious actor hams it up and breaks out in song, this one’s for you. Talking about his role as Captain Hook, Walken says in his signature cadence, “I dance a little, I sing a little — ya know, that’s what I do,” adding that the notion of performing a musical on live network TV is “frankly, intimidating.” While everyone knows Walken from his gritty monologues in Tony Scott’s True Romance and Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction — the latter in which he expounds on a watch inside an orifice –some forgot that Walken cut his teeth in musical theater, specifically the 1960s Broadway shows Baker Street and High Spirits. Walken put his musical range on display in the 1995 indie film Search and Destroy,  in which he sang his rendition of “Red River Valley”. He also demonstrated his finesse for soft shoe in the 2001 Fatboy Slim video “Weapon of Choice”.  Allison Williams, who trades in her posh look on HBO’s Girls for a cropped, spiky hairdo as Peter Pangives props to to the Oscar-winning actor: “I think he’s better at acting than I’ve ever been…For the next generation of kids seeing this as their first Peter Pan, he will be Captain Hook.”


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