‘Hello Ladies – The Movie’ Review: Dominic Patten Says Goodbye To HBO Show

The last-gasp wrapping up Hello Ladies: The Move doesn’t deliver on any of its potential, as I say in my video review above. It airs Saturday at 10 PM on HBO.

Like the one-hour Life’s Too Short movie that aired in July 2013, the Hello Ladies movie is an attempt to give finality to the cancelled series co-created by and starring Stephen Merchant. In this case that means if you’ve seen the series when it ran last year for eight episodes, you’ll be on familiar ground here. There’s a lot more of Merchant’s nerdy expat Stuart’s awkward, uncomfortable and failing search in for love in LA  that made up so much of the show — this is just a longer version with a very Oscar-level cameo I won’t spoil by revealing. Not that there is really much else to spoil about this offering from Merchant, who co-created with Ricky Gervais the British version of The Office and Extras.

Did you see the series while it was on? Did you like it? Let us know.

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