‘Matinee Idol’ & ‘Gateway 6’ Top Annual Brit List

Unrepped writer Richard Galazka’s romantic comedy Matinee Idol and Malachi Smyth’s Gateway 6 topped the annual Brit List of best unproduced screenplays. Both projects received nine votes. The list is compiled by UK producers, agents, distributors and sales companies, who aren’t allowed to vote for their own projects. Other qualifying criteria include receiving a minimum of three votes and not having featured on previous Brit Lists.

Previous films to appear on the Brit List include The King’s Speech, Welcome To The Punch, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and most recently The Riot Club.

Matinee Idol is being produced by Rooks Nest Entertainment. Sentinel Entertainment is behind Gateway 6, a futuristic sci-fi project. 42, one of the UK’s most dynamic production and management companies, had two projects on the shortlist: Jay Basu’s The Pier and Outside The Wire, from screenwriting duo Rowan Athale and Rob Yescombe

There were 140 entries, with 34 scripts making the grade. Here is the full list:

MATINEE IDOL by Richard Galazka (unrepresented)
Producers: Rooks Nest Entertainment
Genre: Romantic Comedy

GATEWAY 6 by Malachi Smyth (JAB Management)
Producers: Sentinel Entertainment
Genre: Sci-fi

THE PIER by Jay Basu (42) & David Bowers (Independent Talent Group)
Producers: 42
Genre: Action Adventure

AETHER by Krysty Wilson-Cairns (United Agents)
Producers: Film Nation Entertainment
Genre: Sci-fi

FASTEST WAY DOWN by Philip J Booth (Curtis Brown Group)
Producers: Newscope Films
Genre: Heist

SICK ROBOT by Paul Valnay (Sheil Land Associates)
Producers: Stigma Films/Met Film
Genre: Sci-fi

THE TRIAL OF QUEEN CAROLINE by Matthew Faulk (Dench Arnold) & Mark Skeet (Dench Arnold)
Producers: Working Title
Genre: Historical Drama

THEIR FINEST HOUR AND A HALF by Gaby Chiappe (Blake Friedmann)
Producers: Number 9 Films/Wildgaze Films/BBC Films
Genre: Romantic Comedy

SWIMMING WITH MEN by Aschlin Ditta (Independent Talent Group)
Producers: Met Film/Shoebox Films
Genre: Comedy-Drama

COME MONDAY, WE KILL THEM ALL by Michael Kinirons (United Agents) & Jamie Hannigan (Casarotto)
Producers: Currently available
Genre: Noir

CLEAN by Matt Orton (The Agency)
Producers: Qwerty Films
Genre: Thriller

A LITTLE MUSIC by Lydia Adetunji (Knight Hall Agency)
Producers: Shine Pictures UK/Film Four
Genre: Horror

MEN OF STEEL by David Chidlow (Sheil Land Associates)
Producers: Campfire Stories/Bard Entertainment/BFI
Genre: Drama

THE DEATH ENGINE by Melissa Iqbal (Casarotto)
Producers: Currently available
Genre: Sci-fi

SEEKERS by Arinze Kene (The Agency)
Producers: Poisson Rouge Pictures
Genre: Thriller

MR CHARTWELL by Kelly Marcel (Casarotto)
Producers: Endor Productions/Seemore Ltd
Genre: Comedy Drama

SLAMMER by Alan McKenna (United Agents)
Producers: Carole Sheridan
Genre: Thriller

BULLDOG DRUMMOND by Tom MacRae (The Agency)
Producers: Beagle Pug/BFI
Genre: Action

VIVLING by Sameera Steward (Independent Talent Group)
Producers: MGR Films
Genre: Biopic

OVER THE BAR by Hugh Travers (The Lisa Richards Agency)
Producers: Dan Films/Deadpan Pictures/Irish Film Board
Genre: Comedy Drama

KILLER CV by Joy Wilkinson (Berlin Associates)
Producers: Jeva Films
Genre: Thriller

TRANSMISSION by Joe Alexander (Valerie Hoskins Associates) & Andy Amfo (Valerie Hoskins Associates)
Producers: Beck Farhall & Sarah Radclyffe
Genre: Drama

OUTSIDE THE WIRE by Rowan Athale (42) & Rob Yescombe (Curtis Brown Group)
Producers: 42/Automatik
Genre: Sci-fi

THE SCIENCE OF LOVE AND LAUGHTER by Sam Baron (Curtis Brown Group)
Producers: Currently available
Genre: Comedy-Drama

THE GEE GEES by Kevin Barry (Aitken Alexander Associates)
Producers: Element Pictures/Irish Film Board
Genre: Comedy Drama

SHE WHO BRINGS GIFTS by Mike Carey (Ki Agency)
Producers: Golden Arrow Pictures/BFI
Genre: Sci-fi Thriller

LION by Luke Davies (UTA)
Producers: See-Saw Films/The Weinstein Company
Genre: Drama

HHhH by David Farr (Curtis Brown Group)
Producers: Adama Pictures/Legende Films
Genre: Political Wartime Thriller

SILENCERS by Matt Greenhalgh (Independent Talent Group)
Producers: Origin Pictures/BFI
Genre: Thriller

MARINADE by Jeff Povey (Valerie Hoskins Associates)
Producers: Dan Films
Genre: Romantic Comedy

ALICE IN LA LA LAND by Tamzin Rafn (Casarotto)
Producers: Oakheart Films
Genre: Comedy

SONIA by Nick Stafford (The Agency)
Producers: Montebello Productions
Genre: Thriller

THE INVERNESIAN by Simon Stephenson (Knight Hall Agency)
Producers: Rooks Nest Entertainment
Genre: Comedy

THE NINE LIVES OF LOUIS WAIN by Simon Stephenson (Knight Hall Agency)
Producers: Shoebox Films/SunnyMarch
Genre: Biopic

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