‘State Of Affairs’ Review: Dominic Patten On Katherine Heigl’s TV Return

The return of Katherine Heigl to primetime TV debuts tonight but honestly, State Of Affairs is no triumph, as my video review says. The NBC drama is a dumbed-down mess and a sadly missed opportunity for all concerned.

In SoA, Heigl plays Charleston “Charlie” Tucker, the CIA staffer who briefs the U.S. president every morning on the state of the world. In a role where she should soar were she not so poorly served in every way is Alfre Woodard as the first African-American female Commander In Chief. One major plot contrivance: her dead son was Charlie Tucker’s boyfriend.

Even with Woodard and a prime spot after The Voice, this one will need some presidential intervention, coming after a rocky production path. Writer-director Joe Caranahan (The Blacklist, Narc, The Grey), who is executive producer and also directed the pilot, took over the job after veteran showrunner Ed Bernero exited in August after just a couple of months on the job.

Watch my review above. Are you a Heigl (or Carnahan or Woodard) fan? Will you be watching State Of Affairs on NBC tonight? Tell us what you think.

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