Aaron Sorkin Submits To Yet Another Parody Video, Details NBC’s ‘A Few Good Men’ Live Broadcast Plans — Video

Late Night With Seth Meyers had Aaron Sorkin as its guest last night. The show included a Sorkin send-up video. You can never go wrong, so far as Reporters Who Cover Television are concerned, doing yet another send-up of the man they most love to dismiss. And if the send-up is written and performed by their mad crush Meyers  — magic:

“[Meyers], aware that Sorkin parodies are old hat, took it a step further by not just mocking Sorkin’s tropes but outwardly stating the tropes while doing it. It’s meta as hell and absolutely brilliant. Watch and learn,” gushed Vulture. “Aaron Sorkin’s distinctive style of dialogue has been parodied to death. You could even argue he’s been parodying himself for years now…What’s left? A Sorkin parody parody parody? Nah. Sorkin jokes ran out of things to say shortly after Sorkin did,” Gawker raved.

Not too well covered: Sorkin moving forward some news during his interview with Meyers, saying the previously reported re-staging of his Broadway play turned hit movie, A Few Good Men, in development at NBC, would launch an ongoing franchise offering live-TV stagings of well-known Broadway performances at the network.

“It’s really exciting,” Sorkin said. “I love the idea of live theater on television…It’s how television was born, doing plays on TV. America’s greatest writers wrote plays for television and people, who don’t normally get to come to new York and see great theater, got to see great theater. And, of course, there’s also the possibility of a train wreck happening… NBC’s ambitions are beyond just the Christmas musical [Sound Of Music and upcoming Peter Pan]. They want to do plays and they’ve chosen A Few Good Men as their first foray.”




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