John Oliver Steps In To Host ‘The Daily Show’ Again – Video

John Oliver returned to The Daily Show to step in as host.

Regular host Jon Stewart kicked things off last night, explaining that, for the first time, the guy who would appear on the show to shamelessly plug a new movie would be himself. His movie, Rosewater, opens today. Stewart summoned Oliver — the former Daily Show correspondent who landed his own HBO late-night program after getting rave reviews filling in when Stewart took time off to direct the movie — by rubbing a teapot.

“It worked! You got my Darjeeling summons!” Stewart effused.

“I got your teapot-groping abomination,” Oliver snipped. “And..,a hand-scrawled note begging me to come here immediately.”

“Can you do the show?” Stewart asked.

“I think we’ve already seen I can do that,” Oliver responded, agreeing to take “one more spin” as a “non-premium cable host.”

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