Jon Stewart Tells Jake Tapper Why He Savages CNN But Uses So Much CNN Footage In ‘Rosewater’ – Video

Appearing on CNN today to plug Friday’s opening of his directing debut in Rosewater, Jon Stewart was asked by Jake Tapper why he spends so much time “crapping on CNN” but uses so much CNN footage in the movie.
“For someone who craps on CNN a lot, you used a lot of our footage,” Tapper joked.

“You’re the best,” Stewart responded, smiling.

“There it is. On camera!” Tapper raved.

Tapper asked Stewart if he would do a Daily Show-like program from Tehran. “Yeah, that would be fun,” said Stewart, whose Comedy Central contract expires next year. Then, he added, “Would they allow me to leave?”
“I don’t speak for them,” Tapper snarked.

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