The Bigger Picture: Networks’ Film To TV Reboot Trend – Slideshow

By Nellie Andreeva, Jen Yamato

It’s been a season of remakes, with the broadcast networks loading up on series projects based on movies. More than a dozen reboots are in the works. That includes shows based on big-budget blockbusters Minority Report and Rush Hour, which landed big commitments at Fox and CBS, respectively, as well as a slew of adaptations of 1980s films, including Big, Real Genius, Problem Child, Bachelor Party and Uncle Buck. Why so many remakes? Having a pre-sold title always helps launching a show. But this year, many top showrunners are tied on shows and unavailable to develop original concepts, prompting the networks to go for familiar premises. Here’s a slideshow of the movies that are being remade by the broadcast networks this season:

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