Writers Guild Says Obama Net Neutrality Plan Would Protect Free Speech

The WGA West joined other net neutrality supporters today in applauding President Obama for urging the FCC to reclassify the Internet as a phone-like communications service, giving regulators clearer legal authority to bar service providers from providing so-called “fast lanes” for favored content.

“Reclassification of broadband service as a Title II telecommunications service recognizes that the open Internet works just like the phone lines and will allow the FCC to institute the strong rules the president calls for — no blocking, no throttling, increased transparency and no paid prioritization,” says WGAW President Chris Keyser. “The policies outlined by the president will prevent a few online gatekeepers from picking winners and losers and will allow creativity, innovation and free speech to flourish.”

Others who endorsed the president’s position say that it — and nearly 4M largely pro-net neutrality comments at the FCC — should prompt Chairman Tom Wheeler to act quickly on the matter. “Any attempt at further foot-dragging in issuing a rule in support of strong net neutrality and Title II reclassification will make it clear that Chairman Wheeler is more interested in delay tactics that favor the cable companies he once lobbied for than standing with the president and the public in support of an open Internet,” says David Segal, Executive Director of Demand Progress, a progressive advocacy group.

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