‘Interstellar’ Lifts Off With $82.9M Overseas Open: International B.O. Final

By Nancy Tartaglione, Anthony D'Alessandro

UDPATE: MONDAY 12:45 PM PT: Paramount and Sony have now reported their actuals for films including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Fury. Numbers have been updated throughout the posts below on those titles as well as The Equalizer; Hercules; Vampire Sisters 2; Torrente 5; and Who Am I.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: MONDAY, 11:45 AM PT: Actuals are rolling in from the studios with some stellar offshore news for Interstellar. We already knew it ruled the international box office this weekend, but the updated figures from Warner Bros have bettered the estimates to reach a confirmed $82.9M. The numbers today are a nearly $3M uptick on Sunday’s projections for the Christopher Nolan sci-fi pic (details below).

The majors stepped off the Interstellar debut frame for the most part with no big new overseas entries, although some films rolled out into more markets, and holdovers played well. The Interstellar gross, coupled with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Maze Runner perfs in China helped nudge this weekend above the previous frame, but overall it was down on the 2013 comparable weekend when Thor: The Dark World led the charge in its 2nd outing. Another space movie, Gravity, was also still pulling strong numbers around this time in 2013.

Among the local films playing around the world in the current frame, For Love Or Money, Kung Fu Jungle and The Boundary Line entered the Rentrak Top 20 for their performances in China and elsewhere in Asia. Also, Mike Leigh’s Cannes pleaser and awards hopeful Mr Turner became the director’s highest-grossing film ever in the UK. Its second weekend brought the total to £2.67M ($4.2M), outpacing 2004’s Vera Drake. Local distrib eOne will once again expand the plays to accommodate growing demand for the biopic of the English painter.

Next weekend, Universal’s Dumb And Dumber To hits about 30 markets including Germany, Spain, Mexico and Brazil. Back in 1994 — yes, it’s been 20 years — Dumb & Dumber grossed about $120M overseas, a notch below its domestic take of $127M. Awards corridor notable The Imitation Game also starts rolling out next weekend in the UK, from whence the film’s protagonist, Alan Turing, hailed. Also on deck are the Interstellar bow in China and the global debut of Penguins Of Madagascar who waddle their way to the Middle Kingdom on November 14. Interstellar has the jump on November 12 in what is shaping up as an interesting showdown while other U.S. titles fade from the market and just before a bevy of local movies take over screens.

Updated throughout the below are actuals for Interstellar and Maze Runner, as well as Gone Girl; Big Hero 6; Annabelle; Dracula Untold; The Book Of Life; Ouija; The Boxtrolls; Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day; Relatos Salvajes; Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends; Guardians Of The Galaxy; Let’s Be Cops; Labyrinth of Lies; Boyhood; The Seventh Dwarf; and Trash. Numbers from Paramount and Sony are still pending.

SUNDAY, 12:32 PM:Like an international space station zooming through the sky, Interstellar was seen by 11.1M ticket buyers across several continents this weekend, who shelled out an amazing $82.9M on over 14,800 screens in 62 countries. Warner Bros., which is handling foreign on the Christopher Nolan space odyssey, is banging the drum that the film’s returns are slightly ahead of the studio’s own Gravity; an achievement considering that Interstellar is longer than Gravity at 169 minutes vs. 91 minutes, and lacked the 3D premium sales uptick. That said, there was a bit of goose from the IMAX screens which delivered $7.2M abroad from 206 or $35K a screen and a global take of $20.6M. Imax execs are high-fiving each other this morning exclaiming that both foreign and worldwide figs on Interstellar are November records, with the global haul besting the $17.1M generated by Hunger Games: Catching Fire last year. Worldwide, Interstellar is also the best bow for an IMAX 2D, non-sequel, while abroad it’s the bow for an IMAX 2D release. Together with its estimated Stateside take of $47.5M, Interstellar touts a global bow of $130.4M, a figure that would make star Matthew McConaughey exclaim “Alright, alright, alright.”

interstellarForeign breakdown on Interstellar includes a No. 1 spot in Korea with $14.4M on 1,312 screens; the UK with $8.6M off 574; Russia with $8.9M on 1,800; France with $5.3M from 747 hubs including previews and about 50% of the entire B.O. market; Germany with $4.6M on 718; Italy with $3.7M from 580 screens; Australia with $3.7M on 548; Spain with $2.7M on 555 and close to 50% of the market; Mexico with $3.1M on 1,746; and Brazil with $1.9M from 421.

Paramount might not have had the power of the theory of relativity overseas with Interstellar like they did in the U.S./Canada, but they sure as heck had turtle power as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rocked and socked $17.7M from 3,542 locales in 24 territories with a greenish overseas cume of $273.6M. Languages that TMNT translated to: China which took No. 1 again in its second frame with $14.1M and $50.8M in the market. Fourth frames in the UK, France and Germany respectively delivered $1.2M, $766K and $714K.

MazeRunner_trailer_FotorAudiences in 33 markets including China, France, Germany and the U.K. are continuing to find Fox’sThe Maze Runner which collected $9.4M off 6,019 holdover screens and an estimated running foreign tally of $223.8M. China in its second weekend was the biggie market with $4M on 3,772 and a cume of $20.7M.

Another sprinter from Fox, Gone Girl, stole $8.74M from 56 holdover markets on 3,765 screens with a foreign take of $158.4M. Generating weekends of over $1M were Korea with $1.37M, the UK with $1.12M and France with $1.07M. English-lingo markets of the UK and Oz have been super with respective grosses of $33.3M and $20.7M.

bighero6Big Hero 6, the Disney superhero-Japanese anime-inspired toon racked up $7.3M in its 3rd weekend from 17 territories. Russia has the motherlode of the foreign take counting $18.2M from Big Hero 6’s $22.7M overseas total (worldwide stands at $79.2M). Big Hero 6 also holds the record in Russia as being the second biggest Disney-Pixar toon release of all-time. No. 1s were hit in the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. The mega-foreign rollout for Big Hero 6 is staggered, capitalizing on school holidays overseas with Italy going December 18, Spain the next day and Japan a day after that for starters. The robot pic storms into Mexico, Trinidad, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia next weekend.

Sony’s Brad Pitt WW II tank flick Fury stormed 44 markets with a $7.1M weekend and a cume of $51.5M. Sony Pictures Releasing International markets counted $5.31M of the weekend off 2,691 and a cume of $39.3M, while QED foreign markets drew $1.8M and an overseas take of $12.3M. Notable holdovers include Russia with a $1.2M second weekend and $7.2M cume and the UK with $1.1M in its third frame, and a running cume of $11.3M.

AnnabelleSpooky doll pic Annabelle frightened $6.5M out of wallets into the box office tills of 3,845 screens in 55 markets. The ugly doll has a beautiful foreign gross of $160.3M and global take of $244M. Annabelle is particularly bonita to Spanish-lingo auds in Mexico where after its third weekend it has a total cume of $18.2M, its biggest territory, and Brazil, the horror film’s second highest market with $15.6M.

Universal’s Dracula Untold didn’t just suck blood, but dollars, flying past the double century mark with a worldwide take of $202.4M. Dracula counted $6.2M off 3,800 in 61 territories with an overseas B.O. of $147.56M. No new bows this weekend, but Venezuela is the last one on Nov. 21. Brazil generated $1.8M on 493 this session for a cume of $9.3M in its third frame, a slight $20K behind No. 1 Interstellar. Italy took $1.6M on 362 for an 11-day haul of $5.2M.

K-pop star Rain made his Chinese feature debut this weekend with For Love or Money in the mainland, singing up $4.8M according to Rentrak.

Hong Kong cop martial arts film Kung Fu Jungle kicked up $4M in seven markets for a running cume of $14M also per Rentrak.

The Guillermo del Toro animated production The Book of Life was filled with lots of money, counting $3.6M off 2,660 in 23 holdover markets for a running foreign take of $35.1M. Mexico in its fourth weekend has a grande cume of $10.1M.

Ouija grossed $3M at 1,084 Universal playdates for an overseas take of $13.2M in 19 holdover markets. Ouija scares up a bow in Russia later this week.

SPRI’s The Equalizer gunned down $2.1M in 52 markets with a current foreign take of $88.5M (Village Roadshow has $7.2M of that take).

boxtrolls 1Universal International’s The Boxtrolls took the crown for being the highest grossing Laika film ever internationally, counting a cume of $51.7M and catapulting the stop-motion-CGI film past the $100M mark. Previously, Coraline generated $49.3M abroad and Paranorman, $51.1M. The weekend’s take was $2.6M off 3,197 playdates in 45 territories with Korea counting a $342K bow on 243; Argentina $172K on 116; Norway taking $89K on 98; and Bulgaria with $51K at 34 dates — the latter trio repping the best bows for a Laika toon in those markets.

Disney’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day opened in Spain as well as Portugal and Turkey this weekend, collecting a total foreign frame of $2.3M and bringing its cume to $19.9M outside the U.S./Canada through five weeks. Top markets to date include the UK with $4.6M and Mexico with $4M. The Steve Carell family pic unspools in Taiwan next weekend.

Rentrak reports that Nightcrawler nabbed $1M in eight territories for a running overseas cume of $4M.

Warner Bros’ wildly popular Argentine pic, Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales) grossed another $839K this weekend from eight markets (Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay), bringing the cume to $23.9M. The studio’s local Japanese movie Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends now has a cume in the market of $39.9M. Including the Philippines and Singapore, the total is $41.9M.

Paramount Pictures International’s Hercules grabbed $890K from 1,502 hubs for total overseas take of $169.6M, which includes MGM markets. Global take for the Brett Ratner-helmed epic: $242.1M.

After becoming the year’s No. 2 global grosser last weekend, Guardians Of The Galaxy added $800K this frame for an overseas total of $437.7M. Its final China cume, the movie’s biggest market, is $95.7M.

Fox’s Let’s Be Cops booked $702K from 418 in 23 markets, with a total seize of $39M abroad.

Sony’s local German sequel Die Vampirschwestern 2 (Vampire Sisters 2) added $453K on 761 screens in three territories for a cume of $4.3M. In Germany, the cume is $3.8M. Also in Germany, Sony thriller Who Am I earned $121K on 159 screens in its 7th session. Spanish comedy Torrente 5 added $217K on 213 screens. After the 6th frame, its cume is $13.4M.

World War II German pic Labyrinth of Lies (Im Labyrinth Des Schweigens) bowed in Switzerland and Germany for a total cume of $417K at 132 dates. Universal has the film in German-speaking Europe.

Boyhood grossed $365K off 237 in 20 markets for cume of $18.2M in Universal territories. Korea is the film’s top holdover at No. 8 with $111K at 76 dates for an 18-day total of $1.1M. There are 12 territories to come.

Universal’s German 3D animated pic, The Seventh Dwarf, continued with a good 6th weekend in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland. It grossed $174K at 439 dates for a total of $4M.

Rooney Mara political drama Trash charted $52K off 117 in five territories for a cume of $1.32M. This week, the Stephen Daldry effort opens in seven more markets, including France, on Wednesday.

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