Noomi Rapace Unlocks Big Sales For Bloom

Alex Walton’s sales and financing company Bloom has racked up strong sales for director Michael Apted’s Unlocked, starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Douglas and Orlando Bloom. The film, which also stars John Malkovich and Toni Collette, is a female Jason Bourne-style thriller produced by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura alongside Georgina Townsley and Erik Howsam.

Silver Reel’s Claudia Blumhuber is also on-board as a producer and Peter O’Brien wrote the script.

Territories sold include Benelux (DFW), Eastern Europe (Forum), Germany (Square One), Italy (Notorious Pictures), Greece (Italia), India (Italia), Indonesia (PT Amero), Israel (United King), Latin America (Sun), Middle East (Italia), Spain (Tripictures), Turkey (Italia), and the UK (Lionsgate).

Principal photography commenced Monday.

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