‘The Bible’ Sequel ‘A.D.’: And On The Fifth Day, They Set The Cast

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’ have assembled the cast for their 12-episode NBC event series A.D., set to premiere Easter Sunday, April 5. Richard Coyle (Crossbones), Vincent Regan (The Musketeers), Adam Levy (Borgia), Juan Pablo di Pace (Dallas), Emmet Scanlan (Constantine), Chipo Chung (Sherlock), Jodhi May (The Crimson Field), Joanne Whalley (The Borgias), Greta Scacchi (Agatha Christie), and Babou Ceesay (Luther) are set for key roles.

A folloadam levy 1Juan Pablo Di Pace Visits Hollywood Today Livew-up to Burnett and Downey’s highly rated The Bible miniseries, A.D. chronicles the aftermath of Jesus’ crucifixion as the tiny band of followers fight for survival while they try to spread the Word to the world. But they have hope and soon they have power: the amazing miracle of the resurrection, and the arrival of the Holy Spirit upon them.

Coyle will play Caiaphas, Chipo Chungemmet scanlan 1High Priest of the Temple and all Jews everywhere. He is a shrewd and calculated politician who sees the Christians as inherently dangerous to the nation and so stops at nothing to destroy their ideals. Regan portrays Pilate, Roman Governor of Judea who orders the death of Jesus at the behest of Caiaphas; Levy will play Peter, who recovers from deep guilt over abandoning Jesus, to take charge of a growing church. di Pace is Jesus, the charismatic leader who appears only when dying on the cross, or in resurrected divine form. Scalan will greta scacchi 1Jodhi Mayplay Saul, A fervent Jewish follower, who is aggressive and zealous in his admiration of the Temple and his people’s traditions. Chung is Mary Magdalene, the backbone of the group. She works tirelessly to keep the movement going amidst all the challenges. May plays Leah, wife of the High Priest Caiaphas and arguably the smarter of the pair. This proud and influential noblewoman holds much sway in the family. Whalley portrays Claudia, sensitive wife of Pilate, who has a dream about Jesus that she just can’t quite shake. Scacchi plays Mother Mary, Jesus’ mother who stays strong and resolute throughout the darkest of days. Ceesay plays John, Peter’s right hand and brother of  James.

babou ceesay“Christianity is among the most diverse movements in history, so when Mark and I looked to bring this epic story of A.D. to life on NBC, it was important to us to find a cast as diverse and beautiful as the church is around the world,” said Downey.

A.D. is produced by LightWorkers Media, the faith and family division of United Artists Media Group (UAMG) with Downey, Burnett and Richard Bedser serving as executive producers.

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