Jon Stewart Predicts GOP Victory Tonight Over Dems, Obama, Ebola & ISIS – Video

Comedy Central late-night host Jon Stewart stopped by Christiane Amanpour’s CNN studio to plug his new movie Rosewater.  The full interview with Stewart and Maziar Bahari, the subject of the film, will air tomorrow on Amanpour at 2 PM on CNNI. But she also sprung on Stewart a couple of questions about how he saw tonight’s midterm election playing out. Looking as though he was struggling not to go full Stewart-nuking-Crossfire on her, he hesitated:

“Uh, how do I see it playing out in terms of –”

“First of all, who do you think is going to win,tonight? Who’s going to hold the Senate?” Amanpour asked, smiling.

“If I’m listening to the people that know these things, and study these things — because that’s not what we do,” he snarked — “the Republicans are going to win the Senate, they’re going to increase the House, they’re going to win the Supreme Court and the Judiciary, and they’re going to win a lot of the restaurants and lobbyists.

“They’re going to win K Street,” he continued. “So the only thing that they don’t get, I think, is the presidency in this election. But! If it goes the way they want —  enough votes — they may get that too, Obama may have to leave as well…They may get everything that they want. And, from what I understand, their first order of business will be to destroy ISIS and eradicate Ebola – if the commercials they’ve been running are to be believed.”

“So this is comedy as usual,” Amanpour concluded.

“Oh this is major. This is, this — not comedy as usual,” he corrected. “This is a true changing point in American history.”

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Jon Stewart Christiane Amanpour

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