Halloween Horror: Pete Hammond’s Top Three Fright Classics (Video)

Saw is getting a major theatrical re-release in light of its 10th anniversary  and the fact that today is Halloween. It is one of the few pure horror titles, after last week’s Ouija and Annabelle  a couple of weeks agothat is out there in theaters for the holiday. It seems Hollywood has really let horror fans down this year. Where’s all the new stuff , the potentialExorcist-horror-movies-18854453-1920-1200 new classics.  I’m disappointed, studios. This should be your bread and butter this time of year. And quite frankly I don’t care about seeing Saw, whatever the attributes of the original, because it spawned so many damn sequels it burned me out on the whole concept. I feel the same way about Michael Myers (Halloweens), Jason (Friday The 13ths)  and Freddy Krueger (Nightmare On Elm Street). These classic horror characters lost their mojo after the business just kept churning out sequel after sequel. The same thing has happened with the Paranormal Activity  franchise. After the fifth time it loses something, doncha think.

Well I have some suggestions for movie viewing this Halloween weekend. Why not revisit a real  classic, horror films that were truly terrifying and turned people’s heads – literally in the case of one –  back in the day. These are films that live on for a reason. So check out my top three horror classics in my video movie review slot today.  You just can’t go wrong with these truly scary winners.

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