Rob Zombie Crowdfunds, Takes To AFM For Next Fright Effort ’31’

After getting his next horror film off the ground with a crowdfunding effort, Rob Zombie will take to AFM to get the money to make 31, a new horror film that involves five carnival workers kidnapped the night before Halloween and challenged to survive a deadly game called 31. Carnival work doesn’t sound like much fun in itself, but this game involves going against murderous maniacs in a kill or be killed death match. Adding insult to injury, the maniacs are dressed as clowns. Zombie directed a remake and a sequel to John Carpenter’s classic Halloween, and this one also is timed to that holiday.

“I love movies about Halloween,” he said. “My first film House Of 1000 Corpses is set on Halloween. In looking for a new angle I found that more people go missing and are never found this day than any other in the year. I thought that’s a good premise for a film. Add in the fact that everyone I know seems to really hate clowns and now you got a film” explains Zombie, “and without the fans raising funds and helping to build buzz, a crazy film like this would have been almost impossible to get off the ground. I owe the fans big time on this one.” Protagonist will sell at AFM and UTA is brokering domestic.


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