Drama Inspired By LA Defense Attorney Shawn Holley Set At NBC & Working Title

Shawn Holley, the Los Angeles trial attorney best known for representing Lindsay Lohan during her recent legal troubles, serves as inspiration for an Lauren Schmidthourlong drama project at NBC from Universal TV and Working Title. Written by Power co-executive producer Lauren Schmidt, the untitled project delves into the life of a larger-than-life lawyer who possesses the unique ability to look beyond the first impressions and social biases against her clients and fight for their innocence even if the court of social opinion already has condemned them. We’ll watch as she strives to balance her family and her skyrocketing career; hard-core criminals and above-the-law celebs; and ultimately, guilt and innocence – which is tough in a city where things are rarely what they seem. Schmidt executive produces with Holley and Working Title.

Holley was member of O.J. Simpson’s defense team during his murder trial. In addition to Lohan, her celebrity clients have included Michael Jackson, the Kardashian sisters, CSI co-star Gary Dourdan, Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Axl Rose, Jesse McCartney, Mike Tyson, “Sugar” Ray Leonard and Reggie Bush. She is repped by UTA, which also reps Schmidt and Working Title. Schmidt, whose credits also include The West Wing and Parenthood, is also with attorney David Fox. 

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