Movie Theaters And Studios Maintain “Zero-Tolerance” For Smart Wearable Devices

Be prepared to stash your Google Glass next time you head to the movies. The Motion Picture Association of America and National Association of Theatre Owners just updated their joint anti-theft policy to address the fast-growing number of wearable computer-connected devices. And they took a hard line, maintaining “a zero-tolerance policy toward using any recording device while movies are being shown.” That means “all phones must be silenced and other recording devices, including wearable devices, must be turned off and put away at show time.” Those who refuse to “put the recording devices away may be asked to leave.” If the user is actually recording then theaters “will alert law enforcement authorities when appropriate, who will determine what further action should be taken.”

In January, a theater in Columbus, Ohio called in the Department of Homeland Security, which handles movie theft cases, which detained a visitor who was wearing his Google Glass with prescription lenses to a showing of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. The man and his wife were detained and questioned for 3 1/2 hours before officials could ascertain that he was merely watching the movie, not recording it. Someone from the MPAA apologized, and gave him four movie passes.

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