AMC, Lionsgate Close To Deal With Matt Weiner For 'Mad Men'

Cable networks having the freedom to develop, greenlight and schedule projects on their own schedule is great, but sometimes it might be better to have the pressure of a looming May broadcast upfront presentation to get big deals done. Like locking in Matthew Weiner for AMC’s Mad Men, which would pave the way for the cable network to officially greenlight a fifth season of the show. After months of negotiations over compensation (Weiner had been asking for a lot more than what he got under the a rich pact he inked with Mad Men producer Lionsgate TV and AMC 2 years ago), the sides are said to be finally (and slowly) nearing a deal.

But with negotiations pushing into late March, Season 5 of Mad Men probably won’t be able to launch in the summer as the show normally does. The period drama usually premieres in late July. Two years ago, when Weiner didn’t close his deal until mid-January, the season premiere was pushed to August. It’s safe to say that the delay will be even bigger this year. Idled by the unplanned hiatus, Mad Men star Christina Hendricks recently booked a movie, Seconds of Pleasure. As for Mad Men‘s Emmy chances, they won’t be affected by the delay. The series’ fourth season is up for nominations this year and it is certain that the upcoming Season 5 will also be eligible for Emmys next year.

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